Achieve Centralized Visibility and Control Only Possible with an Identity Solution

Aporeto provides an innovative approach to cloud security and uses rich identity (not IP addresses) to eliminate the constraints from traditional Firewalls, VPNs, Cloud Security Groups, SDNs and virtual appliances. Our automated security solutions can help your organization eliminate user SSH keys and secrets management, enable Identity Federation for users to access any cloud resource that uses IAM, granular management and control over cloud credentials to prevent a breach, simplified proof of compliance, seamless security and scalability for your Kubernetes multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments, and agile DevOps with policy-as-code. Aporeto zero trust cloud security solutions deliver stronger cloud security, simpler operations and better ROI for any workload and any infrastructure at any scale.

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“Aporeto is taking a unique approach to securing dynamic cloud workloads at scale”

“Aporeto is taking a unique approach to securing dynamic cloud workloads at scale and disrupting the network security incumbents that are still trying to shoehorn static, appliance-based solutions into a cloud environment where they don’t fit. We are excited to work with the Aporeto team as they rapidly expand their unique approach to securing cloud applications and networks.”

David Zilberman

Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

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