Securing Your Kubernetes Clusters in a Snap with Aporeto

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Get ready to make your Kubernetes deployments a whole lot easier using Aporeto. Aporeto uses application identity, not IP addresses, to provide comprehensive network security. The Aporeto SaaS-based platform allows you to build and enforce identity-based policies using authentication, authorization and optional encryption across your Kubernetes cluster and multi-cluster environments across cloud providers at scale. Aporeto assigns a cryptographically signed and attested service identity to every Kubernetes pod. Distributed application policies remain portable and persistent no matter where the pod resides.

The Aporeto Zero Trust cloud security solution removes Kubernetes security complexity and accelerates DevOps application deployment velocity with security automation, complete visualization and centralized policy management.

In this trial we will show you how Aporeto’s security solution for Kubernetes delivers:

  • Ease of Use – how to simplify security for your Kubernetes deployment by having you easily create policies for a very complex microservices application
  • DevOps Workflow Acceleration – how you can import and export policies as YAML files in to Aporeto or manipulate them directly in Kubernetes using CRDs with kubectl commands
  • Multi-cluster Policy Enforcement – how you can build elastic identity-based policies that span multiple clusters and providers. Additionally, Aporeto enables secure service to service communication across clusters with identity, eliminating the constraints of traditional IP address.

Since Aporeto policies operate independently of the underlying infrastructure, security policies can be enforced across Kubernetes clusters or across hybrid environments that include Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes deployments. Sign-up for our free trial that allows you to secure a sample microservices application in a Kubernetes multi-cluster environment using Google’s Hipster Shop.

In this Free Trial you will be invited to:


Create and apply a basic identity-based security policy through the Aporeto platform.


Implement a microsegmentation policy to limit pod-to-pod communication between Dev and Prod environments.


Port security policy created in Dev directly into Kubernetes with custom CRDs to secure a Prod version of the application.

Kubernete Cluster-05-01

Split the application across two Kubernetes clusters to deploy and secure the multi-cluster application.


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