Three Perspectives on the Evolution of Container Security

Aporeto Scores $14.5M to Develop ‘Holy Grail of Cloud Security’
May 24, 2017
Cloud Native Apps and Security: The Case for CoreOS Rkt and Xen
June 21, 2017

There still exists a kind of chasm in the broader software community between the people who are building new application containers today, and the people sandwiched in the middle of the phrase “DevSecOps” whose job is to keep the risk managers at bay. At issue is the very definition of security in a distributed, microservices-driven environment. Infosec professionals demand that containers, wherever they are, be secured. Developers say, that’s not the point: Containers are not virtual machines, and are designed to be ephemeral.

Amir Sharif
Amir Sharif
Amir Sharif is an Aporeto founder and focuses on products.