Securely Migrating Legacy Workloads to Cloud-Native, Zero-Trust Environments

You are migrating away from traditional data centers to the cloud. Your application architectures are also transforming from monoliths to more resilient distributed models based on containers, microservices, and serverless architectures. In the process, you are etching away at “the perimeter.”

Cohesive, Automated Security for Hybrid Cloud, Multi-cloud, Multi-Availability Zone, Multi-VPC Environments

You have a complex infrastructure. While many of your assets are still in traditional data centers, your workloads have begun their migration into the cloud. You will have more than a single VPC in the cloud in any availability zone, and you will most certainly have more than a single availability zone to ensure better uptime. It is not uncommon for you to also leverage multiple cloud service providers.

Integrating InfoSec into DevOps: SecDevOps

You want to seamlessly integrate InfoSec policies and practices into your DevOps pipeline. By automatically leveraging application manifests, fusing them with organizational security postures, and binding them to regulatory requirements, Aporeto allows your developers to run fast and focus on core, differentiating functionality instead of frequently mishandled security minutia.

Embrace Agile Development Practices while Improving Security

The business is pushing for a higher velocity. Meeting this requirement forces faster software releases with more functionality. Naturally, your developers will incorporate more open source libraries into their code to meet the increasingly tighter deadlines. With your existing security options, you can either elect to lose control or decelerate the business. Or, you can choose Aporeto.