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Secure Amazon EKS, ECS and EC2 workloads with Aporeto’s AWS SaaS subscription offering.

Key Benefits

  • Secure AWS Workloads with Aporeto

    Gain immediate insights into your application dependencies in AWS or in hybrid environments.

  • Enforce per workload isolation/segmentation across EC2, ECS, EKS service and hybrid environments.

  • Reduce burden in managing security groups for dynamic workloads.

  • Encrypt communications across all your applications.

There are few ways you can deploy Aporeto in AWS:

Aporeto enforcer is deployed as a daemon-set in your kubernetes cluster. We offer a turn-key deployment by allowing you to define your kubernetes cluster in the aporeto console and we will auto-generate the YAML files you will need to apply for your cluster.

ECS: Aporeto enforcer is deployed as another container on the ECS host. You can automate the instantiation of this enforcer container for every ECS host through the recently announced ECS daemon scheduler capability.

EC2: Assuming this is a VM the Aporeto enforcer is deployed through an RPM or Debian package. If it’s an EC2 instance running a container engine the enforcer needs to be instantiated as a container much like on an ECS instance.

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