Technical Documents

Enable OIDC Compliant Application Authorization and Authentication with Aporeto

Enterprises face significant challenges to improve application security governance for legacy and new
applications without changes to application logic. Some issues to consider include:


– Centralize user access control for your applications as opposed to managing per application user access. For applications serving internal users, any external users (ex. partners and contractors) managing user access control per application becomes impossible without room for error, making centralized governance much more critical.

– Authorization logic on what actions a user can perform when the application has access to potentially sensitive data, and the application is publicly accessible by internal users or third-party partners in B2B use-cases.

– Managing user state in applications is often done with stateful mechanisms such as session cookies. This creates challenges when making applications elastic, redundant for fault tolerance, or if
the application has downstream dependencies. Offloading user authentication from web applications
removes user state management.