Product & Solution Briefs

Cloud Privileged Access Management Product Brief

Aporeto Cloud PAM provides secure access to cloud infrastructure and resources while enforcing least privilege role-based access. By leveraging your corporate identity provider (IdP), users can have single sign-on (SSO) access. Every user is issued a unique, ephemeral, time-bound certificate based on his/ her identity independent of the underlying user account. Enterprise organizations can eliminate the need for SSH key management, secrets management, and use of VPNs, IP ACLs, and jump boxes, by implementing just-in-time access policies based on user identity. The Cloud PAM identity-based policy model enables organizations to provide a federated identity for each user that can be used for access to any resource across hybrid or cloud infrastructure that uses IAM. Security teams can granularly manage cloud credentials and restrict access to critical infrastructure and resources. Every access request is logged, and every access must be explicitly authorized. Aporeto enables you to log centrally and export all CLI commands issued by individual users on your hosts, for easier auditing and proof of compliance.