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Aporeto offers a network security solution designed for microservices platforms. With Aporeto, enterprises can quickly deploy granular segmentation policies to govern communication between microservices workloads or external dependencies - regardless of where the workload or its dependency is deployed. The use of identity is fundamental to any granular segmentation policy. Aporeto assigns a cryptographically signed and attested service identity to every microservices workload.

Key Benefits

  • Secure Kubernetes workloads in minutes

  • Turn-key Security policy governance for on-prem and managed k8s (GKE, EKS, AKS)

  • Treat policy-as-code enabling security at DevOps speed

  • Homogenous network and API policy enforcement in multi-cluster, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud

Unparalleled visibility into your deployed assets.  Aporeto enables enterprises to efficiently understand asset segmentation and how workloads may be isolated.  This visibility into your environment enables stronger security for network administrators, application teams, and also assists with compliance to regulatory requirements such as PCI, GDPR and HIPPA.

A unique workload identity allows security teams to define network access control policies independent of network. Infrastructure and allows them to do so in a declarative manner that is part of the automated continuous deployment pipeline. This has substantial implications to security teams when deploying dynamic microservices, enabling a “Secure once, Run Anywhere” security policy

If encryption of data in flight is specified in a security policy, Aporeto automatically encrypts the traffic with no changes required for source code and no key management required.

clad Network-Security encrption

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