Use Identity and context to control access to corporate web applications.

Traditionally, enterprise users have had to use cumbersome virtual private network (VPN) clients for remote site access to their organizations private business network. Application administrators in turn have had to setup unwieldy VPN appliances. This type of remote network access is awkward and inefficient and places the entire corporate network is at risk.


Use Identity and context to control access to corporate web applications.

Now, enterprise users can log into their identity provider (IdP) of choice to get an identity token. Correspondingly, Aporeto provides identity for applications. Both users and web apps are mutually authenticated. Aporeto provides a simple and more secure solution, eliminating the need for VPN access altogether.


Key Benefits


Simpler Operations

You can pay for, configure, and manage complex VPN appliances.  Or you can modify your applications to make then single sign-on compliance.  Or you can simplify operations by enabling secure access to any web application without the trouble of setting up VPNs.


Identity Aware Access to Application

Differentiating between different user types and metering appropriate access rights is difficult if you are relying on VPNs.  Aporeto enables you to enforce granular authorization policies based on user identity. Differentiate between corporate users, B2B partners, and contractors.



Aporeto allows you to bring your Identity Provider of choice that fits your enterprise’s needs.  Moreover, the Aporeto Identity-Aware Proxy allows you to operate on any Public Cloud or Private Cloud.  Choice gives you both power and freedom.

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