Identity-Powered Distributed Firewalls for VMs, Kubernetes, and Serverless.

Enterprises are adding containers and serverless architectures to their server and VM farms. Security legacy cannot and does not keep up. Hybrid clouds make perimeter security more fragile and less practical. Fundamentally, IP address-centric solutions are complex and confusing.


Identity-Powered Distributed Firewalls for VMs, Kubernetes, and Serverless.

Aporeto Identity-Powered Cloud Security secures all workloads across any infrastructure with identity-based access control. Rich, consistent, workload ID not information-sparse, transient IP. It’s stronger security with simpler operations and a better ROI.

Distributed-Firewalls_With Aporeto

Key Benefits


Distributed L3-L7 Network Security

Distributed L3 – L7network security enables you to microsegment your applications in a heterogeneous infrastructure at the network, the transport, or the application layer. Whether your applications are built with Kubernetes, containers, serverless, service mesh, VMs, or OS services, Aporeto has you covered.


Visibility and Logging for All L3-L7 Communications

Aporeto gives you centralized visibility and control over your distributed infrastructure. You will be able to see all transport, network, and application communications, making compliance audits for complex distributed applications a breeze.


Portable, Human Readable and Code Definable Network Policies

It is common for enterprises to have more than ten thousand (and growing) firewall rules.  Aporeto slashes IP access control list management complexity. Continuously deploy applications with compliance and confidence.


Transparent Service Communication Encryption

Encrypt like everyone is watching.  A neat trick is doing so with zero code changes to your applications.  A neater trick is turning it on or off by policy.  Aporeto enables you to secure your traffic with zero code changes or secrets management.

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