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how can we help you secure your cloud applications?

For Cloud Architects

Allow developers to move fast with
microservices and be secure.

Be independent of cloud and
network infrastructure.

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For Devops Engineers

Spin up and secure Kubernetes
clusters, microservices, and
containers at scale.

Make me, my developers, and the
infosec team happy.

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For Developers

Develop and deploy apps securely
without code changes or additional

Don’t waste time on operations or

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move beyond mere perimeter security

Migrating legacy and cloud-native workloads to hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures strains traditional security practices to the breaking point. Fortunately, Aporeto overcomes the problems inherent in traditional perimeter security to provide an unsurpassed security posture while decreasing complexity.

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Challenged with securing your cloud native applications?

Coming out of AWS re:invent this year it is impressive to see the adoption of public cloud across companies in all industries even the most conservative and heavily regulated ones.

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Trireme Kubernetes Update: Statistics, CSR, Visualization

The Aporeto team has been working hard on our open source Trireme Zero-Trust NetworkPolicy implementation for Kubernetes.

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Simplify Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Security

Simplify Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Security

Speed migration to cloud by seamlessly bridging public and private clouds with a unified security model.

Untether security model to get cross-cloud freedom.

Abstract away from infrastructure complexities and eliminate network segmentation gymnastics for operational simplicity.

Security for Microservices and Containers

Security for Microservices and Containers

Cloud-native security purpose-built for the scale, speed, and dynamic nature of containers and microservices.

Seamlessly add security into Kubernetes, Mesos, or legacy Linux environments and remove security bottlenecks.

Automate security and dynamic policies decoupled from the complex network and compute infrastructure for DevOps simplicity.

Crypto-Segmentation for High-value Apps

Crypto-Segmentation for High-value Apps

Guard high-value apps in any cloud from external and lateral attacks with crypto-segmentation and dynamic context-based policy at the microservice, container, and process level with security for a Zero-Trust world.

Abstract away from network complexities based on legacy concepts that do not map onto the cloud, leading to bloated and impossibly hard to maintain ACLs and firewall rules for operational simplicity.

Apply security and policy with zero app or code changes, and get the benefit of automated key rotation and secret management.

Stronger Security


Powerful Security Model

Distributed security, policy enforcement, & encryption platform based upon identity, context, and intent that is untethered and decoupled from network complexity.


Fine-grained Dynamic Policies

Auto-generated, human-verifiable policy based on application intent as scripted in the Kubernetes (or other orchestration) layer or from an observed runtime baseline behavior. Policy actions include: allow/disallow service connection, quarantine, encrypt, allow/disallow file access.


Zero-Touch Encryption

With a click of a button or API call, transparently encrypt communications between secured microservices, containers, and processes, including automated secrets management and key rotation, all with zero code changes.

Simpler Operations


Less Network Complexity

Linking security model to microservice and workload, rather than to the network, allows developers to move faster and DevOps to improve automation and scale with less complexity.


Cloud-Native and Linux Support

Secure diverse workloads and microservices running in containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere DC/OS, EC2 Container Services (ECS). Linux VMs and bare metal servers.


Consistent Deployment & Rapid Response

Automatically deliver company-wide, business unit, or departmental security policies into business apps across public and private clouds.

Zero Touch for Developers


No Code Changes

Aporeto executes as a transparent security service and protects the application without requiring any new libraries or other functionality expressed as code.


Simple CICD Integration

Make your CI/CD pipeline part of building your application security posture. Aporeto uses Github, image scanners, and image signing tools as plugins for extracting relevant application context to create finely tuned security policies.


Unsurpassed Visibility

Discover, track and visualize workloads, wherever they run, through a single pane of glass providing an accurate dependency map between libraries, services and other components.