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Aporeto Application Identity-Powered Security

Aporeto provides critical security capabilities required for cloud applications including network security, runtime protection and access control. These security capabilities are powered by application identity, a distinctive approach to uniquely identify and protect application resources. Creating unique identities for each application resource allows Aporeto to automatically create custom protection policies and enforce security at a granular process level regardless of where the application runs. At runtime, the addition of behavioral and vulnerability data, enriches the resource identity to create dynamic security visibility and protection capability.

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Aporeto Core Capabilities

Microservices & API Security

  • Zero touch service-to-service authentication, authorization & encryption
  • Uniform API access control policy across services in public or private cloud
  • Composite user and app identity policy enforcement
  • CI/CD, VA integration for rich contextual service identity

Network Security

  • Network micro-segmentation and workload isolation, reducing compliance scope
  • Protection against malicious application discovery
  • Automated flow, telemetry logging
  • Transparent encryption offloaded from application

Threat and Vulnerability Management

  • Continuous vulnerability analysis of container images
  • Runtime threat detection and protection based on behavioural analysis
  • Advanced analytics and correlation of identity, network and application context
  • Integration into SecOps workflows (SIEM, SOAR, ITSM)

Identity Management

  • Automated service identity creation, validation, attestation and assignment
  • User identity & Single Sign-on integration
  • PKI infrastructure for microservices
  • Certificate issuance, verification, rotation, revocation
  • Secrets management