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“Aporeto is taking a unique approach to securing dynamic cloud workloads at scale and disrupting the network security incumbents that are still trying to shoehorn static, appliance-based solutions into a cloud environment where they don’t fit. We are excited to work with the Aporeto team as they rapidly expand their unique approach to securing cloud applications and networks.”

David Zilberman

Managing Director

Comcast Ventures



“With Aporeto’s Cloud PAM, I have eliminated the need for SSH key management. I can leverage our identity provider to enable users with SSO authentication and authorization while maintaining control with just-in-time access to instances. All user activity is logged, simplifying Informatica’s ability to meet compliance, conduct audits and making my job a whole lot easier overall.”

Alec Chattaway

Director Cloud Infrastructure Operations



Exact Transactions

“Just using IP address ranges to secure the application was not specific enough. I needed Aporeto because IP addresses don’t mean much in a hybrid cloud or with Kubernetes.”

Marcus Heese

Sr. DevOps Engineer

E-xact Transactions


Government of British Columbia

“Aporeto has given us an answer to having a consistent approach for securing workloads in our Kubernetes environment, our legacy network zones and across our public cloud services. It relieves us from further burdening an overly complex<br>network, and puts the most powerful security tools into the application teams’ hands.”

Todd Wilson

Product Director, Enterprise DevOps, BC Developers' Exchange

Government of British Columbia


National Association of Insurance Commissioners

“As we migrate our infrastructure into AWS, we want to have a more cloud-native architecture and implement a Zero Trust security posture without having the burden of rewriting our applications or putting efforts into undifferentiated, but required, security tasks. The Aporeto Cloud Identity Framework, and in our case, Cloud PAM for Resources, is empowering us to migrate more rapidly on AWS while having the best-in-class security posture.”

Lucas Tischhauser

Application Security Architect



US Government







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