Use Case

Continuous cloud compliance for cloud-native and hybrid environments through reduced scope and cloud-native auditability. All policies are managed for your entire hybrid or multi-cloud environment from a central console. Network segmentation and workload isolation helps reduce compliance scope. With the Aporeto identity-based security model, security teams can track and audit individual users. Organizations can easily meet regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC 2, NIST and FedRAMP as well as data encryption requirements with end-to-end visibility. Every user access request is logged, and every access must be explicitly authorized. Aporeto enables you to log centrally and export all CLI commands issued by individual users on your hosts, for easier auditing and proof of compliance.

Problem Statement

Cloud compliance can be complex and is one of the major reasons that companies hold back from using cloud services. Standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPPA, GPDR, and SOX, among others, are requiring many organizations to evaluate their data protection measures. Moving to the cloud can impact a company’s ability to comply with regulatory requirements. Being non-compliant can lead to hefty fines and/or loss of business and reputation. Organizations need to move beyond correlating reams of IP addresses to a compliance standard and apply role and business context for easy audits and proof of compliance in the cloud.

Customer Pain Points

Audits are a mess across the several different environments that we have, and moving applications to the cloud makes it more complicated.

Compliance is cumbersome, it’s expensive, and it takes too long.



Cloud logs don’t give me enough information and SSH activity isn’t tied to user identity.


The Aporeto Solution


Continuous compliance

Maintain continuous compliance for your applications in cloud-native and hybrid infrastructure.


Reduced scope

Reduce compliance scope with logical segmentation across any infrastructure or cloud.


Cloud auditability

Log all cloud application and user activity for a complete and granular audit trail.



…All user activity is logged, simplifying Informatica’s ability to meet compliance…

Aporeto allows me to leverage our identity provider to enable users with SSO authentication and authorization while maintaining control with just-in-time access to instances. All user activity is logged, simplifying Informatica’s ability to meet compliance, conduct audits and making my job a whole lot easier overall.

Alec Chattaway

Director Cloud Infrastructure Operations

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