Secure your AWS EKS, ECS, and EC2 Workloads with Aporeto

By: Amir Sharif 07.27.2018
Secure your AWS EKS, ECS, and EC2 Workloads with Aporeto

Secure AWS Workloads

The Aporeto Zero Trust Security for microservices, containers, and the cloud is now on the AWS SaaS Marketplace. With this offering, you can take advantage of AWS metered billing and secure your AWS infrastructure on demand, per your scale needs. Metered billing also applies to hybrid workloads that run on your private data center as well AWS.

Key benefits of securing your AWS workload with Aporeto:

Ways you can deploy Aporeto to Secure AWS:

  1. EKS:Aporeto enforcer deploys as a daemon-set in your Kubernetes cluster. We offer a turn-key deployment by allowing you to define your Kubernetes cluster in the Aporeto console that auto-generates the necessary YAML files.
  2. ECS: Aporeto enforcer deploys as another container on the ECS host. You can automate the instantiation of this enforcer container for every ECS host through the recently announced ECS daemon scheduler capability.
  3. EC2: The Aporeto enforcer deploys through an RPM or Debian package inside the VM. If your EC2 instance is running a container engine, the enforcer should be instantiated as a container like on an ECS instance described above.

For a quick demonstration of Aporeto functionality on EKS, please watch this video.

Run fast and run secure.


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