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Centrally Managed and Portable Security Policies for RedHat OpenShift-Orchestrated Kubernetes Clusters have two benefits for enterprise customers. Firstly, they accelerate application migrations from on-premise settings to AWS. Secondly, they seamlessly span private data centers to AWS for applications running in a hybrid setting.

The Aporeto Methodology

Our methodology is to employ a uniform security model for RedHat OpenShift workloads distributed in private data centers and on AWS.

Traditional approaches to cloud security have a multitude of problems:

Aporeto avoids these problems in innovative ways:

The Key Benefits of Securing Red Hat OpenShift Hybrid Workloads with Aporeto are:

  1. Seamless migration and secure connectivity of RedHat OpenShift workloads, spanning on-premise and AWS clouds.
  2. Strong network segmentation for protecting applications, using cryptographic workload identity that is independent of network topologies or IP addresses.
  3. Continuous application deployment with compliance, with security policy-as-code.
  4. Simpler security operations and reduced complexity. Fewer components to manage. Security policies are portable and applicable across heterogeneous environments.
  5. Transparent encryption for hybrid cloud workloads with zero code changes.

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