Secure Your Cloud Credentials with Identity Federation for Airtight Kubernetes Security

By: Thelen Blum 11.19.2019
Secure Your Cloud Credentials with Identity Federation for Airtight Kubernetes Security

Managing cloud credentials is a major sore spot for anyone building cloud-native apps. The recent state of cloud-native breaches – CapitalOne, Imperva, and Shopify – are all a result of cloud credential compromise. The urgent question is: How do you allow your Kubernetes pods to securely consume cloud managed resources, without the worry of unauthorized access to cloud credentials?

Aporeto solves this problem by offering Identity Federation for Kubernetes pods, applicable to any cloud. With Aporeto, you run your apps on a Kubernetes platform of your choice and let Aporeto’s cloud-delivered solution provide least privileged access to cloud credentials for your apps.

The Aporeto engine operates at two levels. Firstly, it provides network security down to the L3 – L7 level, with or without a service mesh. Aporeto supports any service mesh based on Envoy proxies – including Istio and AWS AppMesh – and it provides a unified identity and authorization framework across all Kubernetes deployments. This provides security teams with full visibility and control.

Secondly, Aporeto’s identity and access management allows for a “Secretless Kubernetes”. With the Aporeto Identity Broker, you can provide consistent identities to all of your workloads, using x509 certificates and OAuth tokens. Aporeto enables identity federation between your workloads and any third party, such as AWS Service Role per container; OIDC-compatible identities per container that can be used with any 3rd party OIDC compliant App, and SPIFFE certificates for service-to-service configuration. Additionally, Aporeto tightly integrates with OIDC, SAML, and Kerberos.

The end result? No more management of static secrets or shared keys. No more time and money spent building identity management and credential management solutions for your apps. You can deploy everywhere, with a dynamic identity system for authentication and authorization, and adopt cloud-native services faster. You can run your apps anywhere, with peace of mind.

Appreto is the only SaaS-delivered Zero Trust security solution for Kubernetes. See how you can get started with securing your cluster in less than five minutes – without dependency on CNI, and without the operational overhead of setting up another tool.

Test drive Aporeto’s Kubernetes Security for yourself – register for a FREE Trial today!

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