Aporeto Listed as Cybersecurity Startup to Blow Up in 2019

By: Joanne McDougald 04.07.2019
Aporeto Listed as Cybersecurity Startup to Blow Up in 2019

Aporeto has been listed as one of Business Insider’s 30 cybersecurity startups set to blow up in 2019, according to top venture capitalists.

Matt Howard, managing partner at Norwest Venture Partners, had this to say about Aporeto’s security solution:

“As technology becomes more agile and companies increase their rate of innovation, they are implementing microservices, containers and the cloud as part of their overall strategy. A critical piece to this technology adoption is ensuring that security is implemented through every step of the development process, and Aporeto’s approach to Zero Trust Security does just that.”

To date, Aporeto has raised $37.8 million in funding to develop an innovative security solution that secures applications across public, private, or hybrid clouds.

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