Aporeto Secures VMware Kubernetes Engine Workloads

By: Maria Bledsoe 10.31.2018
Aporeto Secures VMware Kubernetes Engine Workloads

San Jose, Calif.– October 31, 2018 – Aporeto, the Zero Trust security solution for microservices, containers, and the cloud, enabling granular enterprise application segmentation, today announced a solution for central security and monitoring of VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) clusters, whether they are on AWS or in multi-cloud settings.

Aporeto decouples security from the infrastructure, allowing the customer to have uniform and portable policies in a multi-cloud environment.  A core tenet of Aporeto’s security model is to codify the applications operational model – or its intent – in security policies.  This approach allows developers to transparently describe network security policies at runtime.  Finally, Aporeto enables a hierarchical approach to ascribing security policies.  Accordingly, the organizational security intent, as described by the InfoSec teams, may be propagated downward as immutable rules to ensure that all applications function in concert with corporate security posture.

VKE is built with similar design criteria.  VMware Smart Cluster™ is a fully CNCF-compliant Kubernetes implementation of best practices for security and high-availability in the public cloud. VKE has a simple tree structure to ease the management of clusters by organizing resources into logical containers and applying consistent access policies on containers (nodes of the tree), inheriting those recursively through the tree and into the Kubernetes RBAC itself.  Finally, the distributed control plane of VKE is multi-cloud ready and designed for Kubernetes application portability across public clouds, giving you the freedom to deploy on any or all supported cloud providers.

“Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto standard for migrating applications to the cloud,” said Amir Sharif, co-founder and VP of Business Development for Aporeto. “As Kubernetes deployments grow in number, we are thrilled to be working with VMware on enabling security solutions for VKE that are easy to deploy and manage.”

The Aporeto team will be at VMworld 2018 Europe in Barcelona, Spain from November 5 – 9. To learn more about VKE’s capabilities and their ecosystem partners, including Apoerto, you may attend the following sessions:

  • VKE – Fully Managed Kubernetes on Public Cloud with Valentina Alaria [MTE5046U]
  • Intro to VMware Kubernetes Engine-Managed K8s Service on Public Cloud [CNA2084BU]
  • Integrating VMware Kubernetes Engine with Existing AWS Services [CNA3106QU]


Please visit the VMware VKE booth to see Aporeto in action.  To setup an in-person demonstration during the show please contact us at VMworld2018@aporeto.com or go to https://www.aporeto.com/webinar-aporeto-action/ for an on-demand demonstration.


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