Aporeto Launches First Comprehensive Microservices Security Solution

By: Maria Bledsoe 03.27.2018
Aporeto Launches First Comprehensive Microservices Security Solution

Aporeto Enterprise 2.0 Introduces Application Identity to Make Security Infrastructure Agnostic

Aporeto, a Zero Trust security solution for microservices, containers and the cloud, today announced the release of Aporeto Enterprise 2.0. Aporeto’s security platform introduces a new contextual application identity for every application component or process as a new security control point to better protect cloud-native enterprise applications – a challenging environment that strains legacy security approaches. Aporeto enables a complete set of security capabilities required for securing microservices and cloud applications across network security, application programing interface (API) access control, runtime threat and vulnerability management, and identity management. These security capabilities are powered by the combination of distributed security policy and the Aporeto application identity, a multi-attribute contextual identity for any application component created and managed by the Aporeto platform.

As businesses aggressively transition their IT infrastructure to the cloud in pursuit of speed and agility, they’re learning their legacy security is painfully tethered to complex, static networks and infrastructures. Meanwhile, microservices, containers and serverless technologies are allowing enterprises to build and deploy applications with ever increasing speed. But security teams have diminishing control and visibility into what is happening with these applications, especially as they become distributed across public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Enabling the business to move fast and to the cloud requires rethinking of static, perimeter-centric security and moving to a more dynamic and automated Zero Trust security model.

Aporeto’s approach is based on the Zero Trust principles that assumes everything is accessible all the time and any part of the infrastructure could be compromised at any time. With a Zero Trust mindset, security teams regain effective control and visibility of cloud-native applications by making security automated, scalable and infrastructure agnostic. This model stands in stark contrast to traditional approaches to security that provide static, infrastructure-dependent protection that is tightly coupled to the network and must constantly be reconfigured to address application needs.

“We’ve learned from our customers that cloud-native technologies are really testing the assumptions of legacy security models, so we’ve evolved Aporeto to address the complete set of requirements for securing microservices,” said Jason Schmitt, CEO, Aporeto. “While network security, container threat, and vulnerability management are critical components of comprehensive microservices security, they’re just part of the solution for operating securely in Zero Trust environments. APIs and identity in particular are areas of cloud-native applications that are often overlooked and underserved in most security programs.”

Aporeto secures applications across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments by leveraging application identity – a multi-attribute contextual identity for any application component created and managed by the Aporeto platform. Unique identities for each application resource allow Aporeto to automatically create distributed security policies and enforce security at a granular process level. Because the policy enforcement is based on identity and decoupled from the network and infrastructure, the security protection moves and scales with the application regardless of where it runs. At runtime, the addition of behavioral analysis and vulnerability data enriches the application identity to create dynamic security visibility and protection.


Key features of Aporeto Enterprise 2.0 include:

Aporeto Enterprise 2.0 is available immediately as SaaS or on-premise. Get a free trial now.

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