Etherparty Enlists Aporeto Ahead of Rocket Launch

By: Maria Bledsoe 04.10.2018
Etherparty Enlists Aporeto Ahead of Rocket Launch

Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc. (“Etherparty”), a blockchain technology company providing smart contract solutions for enterprise and everyday use on the world’s most popular blockchains, has enlisted Zero Trust security solutions provider Aporeto, to provide an added layer of security to bolster the platform ahead of the ICO product launch.

“We are excited to work with Etherparty to build Zero Trust security into their blockchain contract creation platform,” said Jason Schmitt, CEO at Aporeto. “For the speed and agility necessary to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem, Etherparty is using a microservices architecture to rapidly respond to customer and market demands. Because they are taking security seriously and know that legacy security approaches fall short in the cloud-native world, they’re partnering with Aporeto to prevent breaches and protect their applications and data.”

Etherparty is enabling a more connected and inclusive world by building easy-to-use, versatile and intuitive smart contract solutions. The crowdfunding application is the first product in a line of blockchain solutions to be deployed by the Vancouver-based technology company.

“We wanted to ensure that users of Etherparty and its software products were provided with the most secure operating environment and Aporeto’s track record of experience spoke to their ability to help us achieve this,” said Etherparty CEO, Kevin Hobbs. “We’re truly excited about our blockchain platform’s progress to date and are always looking to improve our technology to offer the best product experience in today’s blockchain market.”

The FUEL token is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network and will serve as a method of validating a user’s transactions on the Etherparty platform and its related products.

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To see Aporeto in action – Watch our On-Demand Demo.

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