Aporeto Raises a Combined $14.5 Million of Funding from Wing Venture Capital and Norwest Venture Partners to Deliver Simpler, Stronger, More Scalable Cloud-Native Security

By: Amir Sharif 05.18.2017
Aporeto Raises a Combined $14.5 Million of Funding from Wing Venture Capital and Norwest Venture Partners to Deliver Simpler, Stronger, More Scalable Cloud-Native Security

Company Launches Beta Program of Cloud-Native Security Solutions for the Developer-Driven Enterprise

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 18, 2017 – Aporeto, Inc., an innovation leader in cloud-native security, announced today that it has completed its Series A funding round of $11.2 million led by Norwest Venture Partners. Matthew Howard, a managing partner at Norwest, has joined the company’s board of directors alongside Peter Wagner, founding partner of Wing Venture Capital. This new funding round follows a $3.3 million Seed Round led by Wing, with participation from Data Collective Venture Capital and private individuals.  

The new investment will accelerate the delivery of Aporeto’s products and services that enable the secure deployment of applications in any cloud environment.  The company’s solution, tested and scheduled for production deployment later this year, significantly strengthens and simplifies security operations, speeding up new enterprise software deployments.  

“Increasing security and reducing complexity while remaining reliable, scalable and secure is an integral part of providing and managing a cloud environment,” said Alec Chattaway, director of cloud operations at Informatica.  “We look at many security options. We believe Aporeto’s security approach can simplify procedures and enable users to remove unnecessary complexity. This could allow product teams to focus on quality and value to customers.”

Fueled by the adoption of containers, microservices and serverless architectures, cloud-native applications are fundamentally disrupting existing security practices. “Enterprise IT organizations need a new breed of tools that will allow them to embrace cloud technologies and DevOps methodologies without sacrificing security,” said Dimitri Stiliadis, co-founder and CEO of Aporeto. “We are excited to have the support of some of the strongest investors in Silicon Valley as we continue to build value for our customers and offer the first developer-centric, enterprise-grade security solution that enables the deployment of trusted cloud applications in untrusted environments.”  

“Security is an increasingly critical component in today’s global IT transformation. Aporeto actually creates a force field around your applications,” said Matthew Howard, managing partner at Norwest. “Aporeto has demonstrated impressive market traction with its enterprise customers and a disruptive approach with its open source Trireme project. The company’s comprehensive policy and analytics capabilities strengthen security for any application in the cloud while radically simplifying infrastructure and operational requirements.”

“We have been working with the Aporeto team since its early incubation stage, and we believe that it closes a fundamental gap in the security needs of enterprises,” said Peter Wagner, founding partner Wing Venture Capital. “Aporeto understands the requirements of the developer-driven enterprise and is uniquely positioned to address the increasingly demanding security requirements of large-scale distributed cloud deployments with its better, simpler security approach.”

Aporeto is also launching the public beta version of its SaaS service that simplifies running cloud-native applications in zero trust environments.  Enterprises will be able to visualize and analyze their security posture per regulatory requirements; moreover, they will be able to enforce strong security policies and controls without complex, manual operations for workloads built with containers, microservices, serverless architectures or legacy implementations.

About Aporeto

Aporeto is a developer-centric, cloud-native security company that makes distributed applications secure by default without impacting developer speed.  Its enterprise cloud-native security solutions are easy to manage and purpose-built for modern, agile distributed systems based on containers, microservices and serverless architectures as well as legacy applications.  Aporeto’s enterprise cloud-native security solutions work at any scale on public, private or hybrid clouds. For more information, check out www.aporeto.com or www.twitter.com/aporeto.

About Norwest Venture Partners

Norwest Venture Partners is a leading Silicon-Valley based venture capital and growth equity investment firm managing more than $6 billion in capital. Since our inception, we have invested in more than 600 companies. The firm invests in early to late stage companies across a wide range of sectors with a focus on consumer, enterprise, and healthcare. We offer a deep network of connections, operating experience, and a wide range of impactful services to help CEOs and founders advance on their journey. Norwest has offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco, with subsidiaries in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India and Herzelia, Israel.

About Wing Venture Capital

Founded in 2013, Wing Venture Capital is the best-of-breed venture capital firm devoted to early-stage, long-term company building in business technology. Wing emphasizes craftsmanship over volume, and engages deeply with founders to help them create companies that matter. The body of work of Wing’s award-winning team spans more than two decades and dozens of successful early-stage companies, 16 of which went on to achieve billion-dollar-plus outcomes following IPOs or acquisitions. For more information, visit: www.wing.vc

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