Aporeto Keeps Customers Protected: A Report by Gartner Analysts

By: Joanne McDougald 04.17.2019
Aporeto Keeps Customers Protected: A Report by Gartner Analysts

Businesses rely on the likes of Gartner Analysts each year to help uncover the latest in technology trends and alternative solutions.  Last week Gartner Analyst, Neil MacDonald published the “Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms,” (CWPP) in which he outlines the security challenges faced by enterprises using architectural alternatives like containers, microservices and serverless while having to run a brownfield infrastructure consisting of bare-metal and VM workloads. He came up with a list of leading vendors who provide security solutions for the cloud workload-centric protection space. Aporeto was one of the three companies listed in multiple categories. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the takeaways of the report.

Main Strengths of the Aporeto Security Solution

His “Key Findings” and “Recommendations” sections highlight three main strengths of the Aporeto security suite of today. He found that most enterprises are using a multi-cloud strategy which leaves them vulnerable when moving applications between development and deployment environments; in this use case, however, Aporeto keeps customers protected. Next, he recommended that CWPP vendors should support both containers now and serverless in the near future –Aporeto already supports both. And, finally, he called out the need for consistent visibility and control of all workloads regardless of location or size.  The Aporeto visualization tool is simple to use, explain and share across the enterprise.

Aporeto's Visualization Tool


There were only three vendors who Neil listed as having a solution that crosses more than a single category and Aporeto was one of those vendors. Aporeto was identified as offering a compelling solution for:

  • Application/Service Network Firewalling, Visibility, Microsegmentation and Control with the combination of our Cloud Network Security and Microservices Security products,
  • Container Protection with our Microservices Security product.


Neil later goes on to share his evaluation criteria when evaluating CWPP providers.  Check out the full report here, or head here to learn more about Aporeto’s security solution.

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