AWS Recognizes Aporeto as a Key Enabler in Securely Bridging Distributed On-prem and AWS Workloads

By: Thelen Blum 06.26.2019
AWS Recognizes Aporeto as a Key Enabler in Securely Bridging Distributed On-prem and AWS Workloads

Everyone at Aporeto is delighted to announce today, June 26, 2019, that AWS recognizes Aporeto as a key enabler in bridging distributed on-premises and AWS workloads for centralized visibility, management, and migration. Acknowledging us as “a leader in Identity-Powered Cloud Security,” AWS has cited our Cloud Identity Framework as a tool that “seamlessly and securely bridges Amazon Web Services with private infrastructures.”

Aporeto has had a strong relationship with AWS over the past several years. AWS EKS, ECS and EC2 workloads can be secured using our SaaS-based subscription. Aporeto’s identity-based cloud security platform provides AWS and hybrid environments with many unique benefits such as VPCs having overlapping addresses, however the workloads in each VPC will maintain their own identity. Learn more about the benefits we provide in our AWS Integration Guide.  We also provide a detailed AWS Sales Kit if you are a Cloud Solutions Architect to help you get started. All our cloud security solutions can also be found on AWS Marketplace. Today represents an expansion of Aporeto and AWS’s close relationship. 

AWS acknowledges though many enterprises may consider moving toward an identity-based approach, many security models continue to overcomplicate things. They point to Aporeto’s solution as “independent of the underlying network infrastructure, thus reducing the burden of managing identities across private and public cloud environments.” AWS references Aporeto’s mutual authentication and authorization as “enabling enterprises to radically simplify their network infrastructure.” 

“We have invested many years in developing web applications for internal consumption,” said Lucas Tischhauser, Security Architect II, NAIC. “As we migrate our infrastructure to AWS, we want to have a more cloud-native architecture and implement a Zero Trust security posture without having the burden of rewriting our applications or putting efforts into undifferentiated, but required, security tasks. The Aporeto Cloud Identity Framework, and in our case, Identity-Aware Proxy, empowered us to migrate more rapidly on AWS while having the best-in-class security posture.” 

“Customers and their security needs are a top priority for AWS,” said Benjamin Andrew, Global Lead, Security & Networking, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We know that enterprises have significant investments in their existing applications and services and we are delighted to be working with Aporeto to help our customers continue to extract maximum value from their existing IT assets while they build a more agile, secure, and flexible infrastructure on AWS.

Today’s recognition from AWS is positive and gratifying and we’re excited to keep refining how we link distributed on-premises and AWS workloads to ensure the highest standards of centralized visibility, management, and migration. We look forward to further AWS-related innovations to come.

Aporeto Cloud Identity Framework is now available for demo. For more information, meet with Aporeto one-on-one at AWS re:Inforce in Boston, June 25 – 26, 2019. 

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