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Use Case

Aporeto identity-based microsegmentation secures cloud applications by preventing East – West lateral movement and automating security policy for heterogeneous hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Aporeto enables centralized management and end-to-end visualization of distributed policies, monitors and protects applications at L3, L4 and L7 through whitelisting, and allows only authorized, authenticated and encrypted interactions to occur. Policies remain portable and persistent across applications and workloads, clouds and clusters no matter where they reside.

Problem Statement

Many organizations today have a hybrid cloud deployment and are struggling with securing legacy, static, brownfield applications with the dynamic, distributed and ephemeral services that make up cloud-native applications. The traditional perimeter that consisted of ACLs, routing rules and firewall policies have a lot of management overhead and make security policies difficult to scale in cloud environments. Microsegmentation is a key factor to securing any cloud environment, providing granular security policy control of East-West lateral movement to contain blast radius from a possible breach or bad-actor. To do this requires visibility in mapping the connections between workloads, applications and environments that many enterprises lack.

Customer Pain Points

Stopping lateral movement is a major security priority, while hybrid/multi-cloud environments makes existing on-premises perimeter security obsolete.

Operationalizing firewalls is too painful, ineffective, and expensive in preventing lateral attacks in our hybrid environment.


It takes us months to deploy new applications because of legacy security policies and processes.


The Aporeto Solution


Secure hybrid clouds

Stop lateral movement and limit blast radius from cloud breaches with identity-based whitelisted network security policy.


Modern and flexible architecture

Unified security policy and simpler security operations across heterogeneous infrastructure, decoupled from network.


Increase agility through automation

Automate security at scale across hybrid infrastructure, increasing application deployment velocity.


With Aporeto we...have a path for modernizing...

Aporeto is accelerating our expansion to the cloud. With Aporeto, we can secure our Linux workloads on any infrastructure with end-to-end encryption and have a path for modernizing with a security layer that is future-proofed.

Alec Chattaway

Director Cloud Infrastructure Operations

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