Liberate, Automate DevOps

Strengthen, Simplify Security

Simplified Operations

Aporeto is automatically deployable across thousands of servers without human interaction. The analytics and recommendation technology removes the burden of complex policy configurations and provides clear insights into system operations. Security posture details are quickly visible and verifiable at any time, streamlining regulatory compliance audits.

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Availability Zone

Production-grade deployments in the cloud must always rely on multiple availability zones or geo-redundant installations. Aporeto’s end-to-end security model, based on authentication, authorization, and encryption, is the only operationally-viable approach for securing applications in these complex environments, providing scale, consistency, and high-availability.

Developer Transparency

Aporeto’s developer-centric, cloud-native security solution makes distributed applications secure by default without impacting developer speed. By integrating security into the infrastructure and automating security policy enforcement, Aporeto allows developers to focus on enhancing core value-add functionality instead of complying with complex rules and regulations.

CICD Integration

Aporeto integrates into the CICD pipeline to provide application security and visibility at all development and production stages. Purpose-built for agile, distributed systems based on containers, microservices, and serverless architectures, and compatible with legacy workloads, Aporeto cloud-native security solutions work at any scale on public, private and hybrid clouds.

Security Decoupled from the Network

Aporeto does not rely on complex networking techniques to enforce security. No more tunnels, VPNs, VLANs or performance-limiting ACLs and firewall rules. Contextual identity, derived from multiple metadata sources, defines each application component. Security policies govern application behavior based on identity over any network.

Real-Time Visibility, Historical Verifiability

Aporeto provides real-time visibility into how your applications are behaving in the cloud, traditional data centers, or hybrid environments. Aporeto also gives you the ability to have a historical view of your applications to determine precisely how runtime behavior changed, when it changed, and understand the implications.

Machine Automated, Human Audited

Aporeto auto-generates application policy by tapping into the CICD pipeline and by observing and codifying application behavior at run time. The auto-generated policy can be reviewed, modified, and verified by the SecOps team to ensure adherence to the right corporate and regulatory standards.

Set-and-Forget Cloud-Native Security

Once Aporeto has been configured, security for your application is transparent to your developers, allowing them to concentrate developing core functionality instead of baking in security. With Aporeto, your cloud-based services are Zero-Trust Network ready via automatic mutual authentication, mutual authorization, and encryption.