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What Is Zero Trust Cloud Security?

Rich identity creates strong security. Aporeto auto-generates rich identity by gleaning workload metadata from any available system and user identity data from OIDC-compliant providers. When users or workloads span different clouds, Aporeto harmonizes and unifies those identities.

The choice is yours. Rich identity is flexible. You can use any rich identity attribute subset to define Zero Trust security policies to protect your workload and infrastructure. Create coarse-grained or granular access policies, or create virtual trust zones in a distributed environment.

Rich identity (not IP addresses) make Aporeto’s Zero Trust security policies portable. Protect your on-prem workloads with Aporeto and migrate them to a public cloud. Aporeto’s security policies travel with them. Distribute your workloads. Aporeto gives you distributed protection with centralized visibility and control.

Aporeto Use Cases

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Aporeto Zero Trust Cloud Security Platform

The Aporeto Zero Trust Cloud Security Platform provides a uniform cloud workload security solution for Distributed Firewall, Kubernetes Network Security and Secure Access to applications and infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments. Aporeto’s SaaS-based platform simplifies operations using an identity model, not IP addresses. Enterprises can implement granular security policy management via L3, L4 and L7 for stronger security. Aporeto accelerates DevOps agility with frictionless security already incorporated into policy-as-code for faster app deployment. The Aporeto platform simplifies enforcement of distributed policies across heterogeneous infrastructure, delivering security at the speed of DevOps.

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Informatica reduced app deployment time by 83%

“With Aporeto’s Cloud PAM, I have eliminated the need for SSH key management. I can leverage our identity provider to enable users with SSO authentication and authorization while maintaining control with just-in-time access to instances. All user activity is logged, simplifying Informatica’s ability to meet compliance, conduct audits and making my job a whole lot easier overall.”

Alec Chattaway

Director Cloud Infrastructure Operations, Informatica