A Simpler Way To Secure Your Applications

Choose Your Infrastructure And Platform

Your applications span public and private clouds, availability zones and regions, containers and services, operating systems, languages and frameworks. The same must apply to your security.  Choose the application platform that meets your needs, whether you are migrating to containers or not. Choose the network and infrastructure architecture that simplifies your operations.

Embrace the Power of Application Identity

Aporeto auto-generates and distributes cryptographic identities to all your applications by ingesting metadata from the cloud and your development pipelines. Applications are no longer identified by IP addresses and port numbers, but by their attributes and context. Policy is auto-generated and maintained like your code.

Monitor, Enforce, And Audit

Monitor the security posture of your applications from vulnerabilities to network and APIs in a single platform. Continuously enforce strict controls that scale with your applications and without single points of failure. Maintain metric histories that will simplify your audit and forensic requirements.