Aporeto Use Cases


Network-less L3-L7 Microsegmentation of Cloud and Applications

Distributed Firewall

Identity-based Kubernetes security and east-west traffic microsegmentation with end-to-end auth-n, auth-z, encryption.


Secret-less Infrastructure Privileged Access Management

Cloud PAM

Just-in-time SSH access to cloud infrastructure, with activity logging for compliance and forensics.


VPN-less Remote Access Management for legacy and modern apps

Identity Aware Proxy

Single-sign-on for any web application, with granular access controls and zero-code-change requirements.

What Is Zero Trust Cloud Security?

Rich identity creates strong security. Aporeto auto-generates rich identity by gleaning workload metadata from any available system and user identity data from OIDC-compliant providers. When users or workloads span different clouds, Aporeto harmonizes and unifies those identities.

The choice is yours. Rich identity is flexible. You can use any rich identity attribute subset to define Zero Trust security policies to protect your workload and infrastructure. Create coarse-grained or granular access policies, or create virtual trust zones in a distributed environment.

Rich identity (not IP addresses) make Aporeto’s Zero Trust security policies portable. Protect your on-prem workloads with Aporeto and migrate them to a public cloud. Aporeto’s security policies travel with them. Distribute your workloads. Aporeto gives you distributed protection with centralized visibility and control.

Stronger Security or and Simpler Operations or and Faster ROI

Aporeto application identity enables Zero Trust security for your servers, services, and workloads on any infrastructure across any cloud, providing stronger security with simpler operations that quickly pays for itself.

Stop relying on IP addresses. They used to be a proxy for identity. In the cloud, IP addresses are ephemeral by design.

Stronger Security. Aporeto fingerprints servers, services, and workloads to generate actual application identity. Application identity makes security stronger because it only allows sanctioned whitelist communications.

Simpler Operations. Persistent application identity gives you human-readable, programmable, and portable security across any environment, at any scale.

Faster ROI. There is no reliance on IP addresses, so there is less need for network middleboxes.

Get rid of “or.” Stronger security and simpler operations and faster ROI.


Aporeto Named a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security

San Francisco, Calif. – Aporeto, a Zero Trust security solution for microservices, containers and the cloud, today announced it has been named a Cool Vendor in Cloud Security for 2018 by Gartner, Inc.

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World's Most Security-Conscious Customers Build Trust with Aporeto

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